Unlikely Companions

Chapter 6

Arrival at Dragonspear

Solana, Thyntus and Ponch are attacked at night by the infamous assassin Illasera the Quick, who traveled a long distance to reach them. They find out that she was hired by Shadovar warlord Herzgo Alegni to track them down and kill them. Unfortunately, Elanore is killed in the battle, reduced to a charred husk by a fireball spell.

Solana takes Elanore’s hand before they bury her, in hopes to resurrect or reincarnate her somehow.

After defeating and killing Illasera, they continue toward Dragonspear. The party arrives at the scene of a battle.

They immediately jump into the battle and take out the rear-raiding party while Ponch sneaks in. It proves to be a tough battle for a 2 v 5 and Thyntus almost dies.

Ponch effectively gets the gate open by convincing the guards on the inside to open the gate.

Lady Imoen, the leader and defender of Dragonspear, sees that they are Harpers and gives them a place to stay in the main keep, while sending Ponch into the wilderness to do some scouting.



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