Unlikely Companions

Chapter 7

Infiltrating the Cave

Ponch found the location of a cave per Imoen’s instructions.

Kierkan Rufo, the vampire of Dragonspear castle informed the party that they must delve into this cave to find the Crown of Horns. This artifact has enough power to give him the ability to erect the castle’s defenses.

Party arrives at the cave and heads in, notices that there was a fight and the cave was closed off. It seems that a group of lizard men were attempting to flee that battle.

As the party enters a strange room lit with purple sconces, and adorned with magical suits of armor. It seems to be heavily trapped.

Ponch and Thyntus go in first, and are instantly killed as the suits of armor come to life and attack the party, and the door to the room seals shut.

In the midst of a daring fight, Volo picks the lock and enters the room to help the adventurers, but ends up being quickly killed himself. So much for “help.”

The party barely survives the most difficult fight of their lives, and end up looting Volo’s body to find a pair of tongs and a magical journal.

Bloodied and battered, the party nurses their wounds and camps in that room for the night.



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