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Campaign: Unlikely Companions

Welcome to the Unlikely Companions wiki page! Here you can find information about the setting, read up on some house rules and general important stuff you should know as a player.

House Rules

Inspiration Points

Every session begins with each player having at least one inspiration point. You can use it to gain the advantage on a roll, or give another player an advantage. Since you can only have one point at any given time, you can regain it by offering to take a disadvantage on another roll or doing something detrimental based on a character flaw.

Skill Rolls / Difficulty Checks

The DM will decide when and what kind of roll you need to do something. Just say what you want to do, and this will be determined. Often times, the DM will just give you the success for free if the situation does not require a check. For example, if you need to pick a simple lock, you have the requisite skill level, and there is no time pressure, you will succeed without needing to roll.


Resting is important to regain spells and limited skills. Short rests only take an hour. Long rests require 8 hours. All but one player must be sleeping or meditating during this time. While it is possible to take turns as sentry, to make things simpler, it is not necessary. If someone remains the lone sentry for the full 8 hours, it will still be considered a long rest for that character.

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