• Ponch


    (Deceased) Dwarven rogue hired by Parise Ulfbinder to protect Solana.
  • Thyntus


    (Deceased) Shadovar Warlock tasked to find and follow Solana.
  • Zian Blackrazor

    Zian Blackrazor

    Dragonborn fighter mercenary hired to escort the PCs to Dragonspear Castle.
  • "Three-Fingers" Gaeton

    "Three-Fingers" Gaeton

    The late infamous mercenary hired by the late Chaladra to kill Jazzara.
  • Beltom Nasadra

    Beltom Nasadra

    Drow scout of house Nasadra.
  • Chaladra Limbiya

    Chaladra Limbiya

    Former matron of house Limbiya in New Purl.
  • Draygo Quick

    Draygo Quick

    Leader of the Shadovar warlocks.
  • Elanore


    Young daughter of the late Gus of Daggerford.
  • Ellandria Silverhand

    Ellandria Silverhand

    Former magistrate of Daggerford and sister of Alustriel Silverhand of Silverymoon.
  • Gus


    The late respected farmer of Daggerford and Elanore's father.
  • Hasifir DeVir

    Hasifir DeVir

    Queen of New Purl and matron mother of house DeVir.
  • Herzgo Alegni

    Herzgo Alegni

    Warlord of the Shadovar empire currently tasked to bring back or destroy Solana.
  • Illasera the Quick

    Illasera the Quick

    The late infamous assassin hired by Herzgo Alegni to kill or bring back Solana.
  • Imoen Dragonspear

    Imoen Dragonspear

    Current duchess and leader of Dragonspear Castle, a defender of the western realm.
  • Kierkan Rufo

    Kierkan Rufo

    An ancient vampire and former duke of Dragonspear castle.
  • Nuriel Limbiya

    Nuriel Limbiya

    Former scout leader of House Limbiya in New Purl.
  • Parise Ulfbinder

    Parise Ulfbinder

    A prestigious warlock of the Shadovar.
  • Robillard


    Former battlemage of the "Sea Sprite" galleon ship, now a member of the Cowled Wizards of Amn.
  • Soulefein Limbiya

    Soulefein Limbiya

    Former weapon master of House Limbiya in New Purl.
  • Tanner


    Former innkeeper of the Red Waif Tavern in Daggerford.
  • Volothamp Geddarm

    Volothamp Geddarm

    Immortal historian of Dumathoin, dwarven god of secrets.