Unlikely Companions

Chapter 3

Into the Heart of Bane

Daggerford magistrate Ellandria asks Jazzara and Siegfried to enter the heart of Misty Forest to reclaim it from cultists of Bane. She summons Solana from her captivity in a maze spell, and asks her to help the other pair in return for her freedom. Solana agrees.

Suddenly, Daggerford is attacked by several cultists, and are quickly dispatched by the heroes, leaving one alive for questioning. The prisoner reveals that they are trying to summon Bane himself to take over the world, believing they will be rewarded. He also admits that Elanore ran away, possibly into the forest.
With sudden determination, Siegfried is dead set on rescuing Elanore, so he accepts the quest to enter the forest and defeat Bane’s cult.

The party heads toward the forest, and is surprised by the black fog that has corrupted it. There, they quickly bump into Spinley, who has been investigating the cult. He informs the party that they must head directly East to hit the cultists’ camp, warning them that their master, Jerga, is extermely dangerous and that they should approach with a plan.

A dwarven rogue by the name of Ponch is summoned by Parise Ulfbinder to help lead Thynthus out of the maze spell. Parise was the one that crafted the maze cube for Draygo, and thus knows how to contact and release Thynthus. He and Ponch go into the cube, and Parise sends the two into Misty Forest, to join the rest of the party.

Spinley leads the group deep into the forest, fighting past an attacking shadow, which was the guardian of the cultist group, who wasn’t expecting an attack.
Instead of confronting the cultists directly, the party takes a more clandestine method incapacitating the leader while running off with Elanore.

Unfortunately, the cultists eventually catch on and attack the party, forcing them to battle. With every death of the cultists, the summoning pyre grows and eventually summons what appears to be the image of Bane himself.

Thynthus observes that the image is secretly conjured by a meager imp, and stops it from continuing its deception. The cult leader awakens from his slumber and, upon realizing he was only able to summon an imp, commits suicide in hopes to summon the actual Bane.

While the party deliberates on what to do with the imp and assessing their situation, they soon are surrounded by demons who take the place of the 16 slain cultists. A battle ensues as the gorilla-like Dretch demons attack. The party succeeds by employing impressive battle tactics to turn the tide and destroy the demons.

Afterward, the battered party is too tired to continue and camps for the night.
Goddess Mielikki, apparently pleased with the outcome, cleanses the area by quickly decomposing the dead flesh and blood and turning it into flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, the party awakens only to find Elanore feverish, with the tattoo of Bane on her neck growing in power, surrounded with black veins.

The party splits as Siegfried and Jazzara take Elanore back to Daggerford.
Jazzara stops at a barn outside Daggerford and finds Beltom there, who informs her that the drow plan to invade and take over Daggerford. Meanwhile, the entire party arrives at Ellandria’s tower, where they try to help Elanore live.

Ponch finds Volo outside and brings him into the tower. Volo shows his good intent by providing the ritual that will save Elanore. Volo is shoved out and leaves.
Ellandria offers Harper membership to the party, and they accept. With that, she gives them their first quest to go to Dragonspear castle to quell the lizardman hatching season problem.

As a side-quest, Elanore is to be taken to Soubar, to her Uncle Otis.
Later, Jazzara meets with Ellandria in private and informs her of the impending drow attack. She trusts Jazzara and decides to evacuate the town before the attack.

The rest of the party sleeps in the Red Waif after some merry drinking and eating. Meanwhile, a strange cloaked person arrives at the inn, asking questions of Tanner.



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