Unlikely Companions

Chapter 2

Escape from the Shadowplane

Solana escapes from captivity from Drago Quick’s tower in the shadowplane, with the help of the Shadovar warlock Parise Ulfbinder. She jumps into the twisting portal and ends up in Calim Desert. There, she wanders into an oasis and joins a trade caravan.

The master warlock Drago Quick sends Thyntus to hunt down Solana, but Parise intervenes again and convinces Thyntus to join Solana with the promise of power.

Inevitably, Thyntus uses his attunement to Solana’s magic to find her in the Calim Desert. Together they save the caravan from marauding kolbolds.

The caravan sees their value and decides to hire both tieflings to work for them as guards until they reach Memnon. Unfortunately, they are stopped by Drago Quick who has been monitoring the entire situation. The pair attempt to escape, but Drago was too powerful and traps them in a maze spell. At the last moment, a silver chariot appears and a powerful elven wizard battles against Drago, forcing him to retreat.



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