Unlikely Companions

Chapter 1

Blight on Misty Forest

Jazzara of house Mylyl and Nuriel of house Limbiya are sent to Misty Forest to convince Siegfried to allow the drow from New Purl to hunt for food in Misty Forest. Unfortunately, the deal turns sour when Nuriel’s true lethal intentions surface and Jazzara decides to defend her friend Siegfried. The pair are forced to kill Nuriel.

Animals of the forest come to Siegfried asking him to stop a blight that is growing in the forest. When Jazzara and Siegfried investigate, they bump into a camp of goblins led by an orc. Jazzara tries to convince the orc to leave, but fails and a fight ensues.

After the short battle, they meet with Spinley the druid from Trollbark Forest, who aids them in finding the source of the blight. The party bumps into Elanore, a girl from Daggerford who is fleeing from a pair of cultists. When the cultists are dispatched, it is revealed that they turn into demon Manes.

The party decides to take Elanore back to Daggerford, while Spinley stays back in the forest to continue his investigation. Daggerford seems welcoming, and Elanore returns to her grateful father, Gus. Her family requests that the innkeep Tanner gives them a free stay at the inn.

In the dead of night, Jazzara is visited by a drow scout, wondering what happened to Nuriel. She lies and says that Nuriel was killed in by the orc/goblin camp went rogue.

The next morning, Gus beseeches the party to speak with Ellandria, the magistrate of Daggerford. Ellandria explains that the cult is of Bane, based on the description of the 3-talon claw tattoo discovered on the bodies of the cultists.



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